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Protect your sexual preferences from data pimps

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StopDataPorn is a collective initiative that aims at ending data malpractices in the digital world.
Active Team>

Active Team #

Giulia Corona
Giulia Corona Foundress
Alessandro Polidoro
Alessandro Polidoro Lead Attorney
Salvatore Romano
Salvatore Romano Researcher
University of Milan>

University of Milan #

Giulia Giorgi
Giulia Giorgi PhD in Digital Sociology, lecturer in Digital Society
Ilir Rama
Ilir Rama PhD in Digital Sociology, lecturer in Digital Society
Tracking Exposed>

Tracking Exposed #

This campaign is the result of years of research and investigation into Pornhub’s algorithm, conducted by Tracking Exposed since 2019. The group developed the custom software that allowed to uncover PornHub’s malpractices, and collected the digital evidence to expose it.

Claudio Agosti Founder of Tracking Exposed, initiated the investigation behind the litigation, and developed the underlying technology.